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- Servicing

- DOE / NCT Preparation

- Diesel / Petrol Smoke Emission Testing

- Headlight Alignment

- Air-Conditioning Re-Gassing

- Diesel / Petrol Performance Upgrade

- Engine, ABS & Air Suspension Diagnostic Computer Check (all models)

- Downloadable Performance Upgrades (Diesel models, 2002 Onwards)


Kings Landrovers Ltd offers unparalleled technical skill, extensive knowledge, and over three decades of experience in Land Rover maintenance and repair. Our facilities are fitted with all the latest technology and equipment – including five individual, four and two-post lifts.

We have the skill and know-how to keep your Land Rover healthy and ticking over for the duration of its time on the road. You can rest assured with Kings Landrovers Ltd that your vehicle is in the best of hands.

We offer the following as standard:

Pre NCT / CVRT Inspection

2 hr


Engineers (Insurance) Report

2 hr


Brake Service

2 hr 30 min

Express Oil Service (While you wait)

45 min

Full Service

3 hr
Enquire for pricing

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